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Ford Mustang 2021-2023 models recalled in Australia

(98 Views) June 10, 2024 2:15 am | 1 Comment

Ford Mustang build in 2021-2023 recalled in Australia, the fault could cause the fuel evaporation process to fall outside the Emissions Standards Regulations, according to the recall notice.

The affected vehicles are stamped 2021 to 2023 models. The recall notice, lodged with the Department of Infrastructure.

Due to a manufacturing defect, the low pressure fuel delivery may not meet specifications. This could result in the vehicle encountering fuel evaporation outside the requirements of Emissions Standards Regulations.

There is no safety hazard associated with this recall and the defect will not affect the performance of the vehicle. Vehicles are not compliant with the Australian Design rule 79/04 Emissions Control for Light Vehicles.

A full list of vehicle identification numbers for the 610 vehicles involved in the recall can be found Ford Mustang recall VIN-List

FordĀ advises owners will be contacted in writing requesting they contact their closest authorised Ford dealership to have the vehicle fixed, free of charge.

Ford Mustang owners can contact the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 133 673 or send an email to

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