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Daly Waters Pub: A True Australian Outback Experience

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Daly Waters Pub is an iconic outback pub establishment in Australia’s Northern Territory

daly waters pub

Welcome to the Daly Waters Pub, where the beer is cold, the stories are tall, and the characters are larger than life. This iconic outback pub is a must-visit for anyone traveling through the Northern Territory of Australia remote location along the Stuart Highway. Situated in the middle of nowhere, Daly Waters Pub has become a legendary watering hole for locals, travelers, and the occasional wandering cowboy.

As you approach the pub, you can’t help but notice the eclectic collection of memorabilia that adorns the walls and ceilings. From bras to hats, license plates to banknotes, and everything in between, it’s clear that this place has a long and colorful history. The pub itself is a rustic wooden building with a welcoming front porch and a laid-back atmosphere that instantly puts you at ease.

Once inside, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff and the unmistakable smell of good old-fashioned pub grub. The menu features all the classics, from hearty steaks to juicy burgers, and of course, plenty of cold beer to wash it all down. The portions are generous, the flavors are bold, and the prices won’t break the bank.

But it’s not just the food and drink that make Daly Waters Pub so special – it’s the people. The pub has a reputation for attracting a cast of colorful characters, each with their own story to tell. From grizzled old locals who have seen it all to wide-eyed backpackers experiencing the outback for the first time, there’s never a dull moment at Daly Waters.

And then there are the events. Whether it’s live music, karaoke nights, or impromptu jam sessions, there’s always something happening at the pub. And let’s not forget about the famous Daly Waters Pub beer garden, where you can kick back and enjoy a cold one under the shade of a gum tree while swapping tales with fellow travelers.

Of course, no visit to Daly Waters Pub would be complete without a stay in one of their unique accommodations. Choose from a range of options, including cozy cabins, quirky converted train carriages, or even camping under the stars. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed a good night’s sleep after a day of adventure and laughter.

But perhaps the most famous feature of Daly Waters Pub is its “thong tree.” No, not that kind of thong – we’re talking about the Australian term for flip-flops! Visitors from around the world have left their mark by hanging their worn-out thongs on the branches of a tree outside the pub. It’s a sight to behold and a testament to the pub’s enduring popularity among travelers.

So, whether you’re passing through on a road trip, taking a break from the dusty outback, or simply looking for a good time, Daly Waters Pub is waiting to welcome you with open arms and a cold beer. Just be prepared to leave with a belly full of food, a head full of stories, and memories that will last a lifetime. Cheers to that!

Daly Waters Pub is a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic outback experience. Whether passing through or staying a while, the pub offers a true taste of Australian hospitality.

location: Daly Waters Pub, Northern Territory

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