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Changing the colour of your vehicle in Australia

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There are some rules when it comes to changing the colour of your vehicle in Australia.

Approval is not required to change the colour of the vehicle, but you should let roads authority know. You probably already know that your registration details list important stuff like make, model, year and colour, and these details can be vital for emergency services to identify a vehicle, for whatever reason. If you were to avoid telling the authorities about the colour change, police may pull you over.

If you make your car too shiny or dazzling highly reflective and may cause other road users to be blinded. As such most of the chrome wraps are not considered legal as they may dazzle other road users, which is a fineable offence in most Austrlian states.

The Australian Transport Council has a nationwide rule on modifying the colour of your car. It falls under the NCOP, or National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification.

In section 3.14, that document states that “markings, paintings, sign writing, stripes, (prism pattern) film on bodywork that do not reflect excessive light” do not need any form of certification to be permitted.

  • In Victoria, you need to advise VicRoads.
  • Qld Transport and Motoring of any colour change.
  • South Australia will need you to fill out the MR7 Application to Alter Vehicle or Trailer Details form.
  • Western Australia’s department of transport needs you to fill in a Change of Vehicle Details form to ensure that the data matches up between their side and your ride.
  • Northern Territory doesn’t make it clear whether a paint change or wrap is a simple ‘fill in a form’ job, or whether you need an inspection. The territory’s transport department states that for light vehicles (up to 4.5t GVM): “The MVR inspectors will assess your vehicle in line with the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification, which applies to both the modification of production vehicles and individually constructed vehicles (ICV).
  • ACT will require you to get in touch with Access Canberra to update the records for your vehicle.
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