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BMW M4 CS 2025 what a beauty

(100 Views) May 27, 2024 4:29 am | 1 Comment

Cost a whopping $140,895 and was too hardcore overall to qualify as a daily driver, the dramatically dynamic, ultra-sharp-handling, and wildly dressed-up BMW M4 CSL (limited to 1000 units) sold out instantly after its 2022 reveal. Almost exactly two years later, BMW just launched the equally eye-catching M4 CS, priced at $124,675. Despite the extensive carbon-fiber treatment, trademark quad headlights with yellow lenses, a choice of drop-dead gorgeous satin black or golden forged-alloy wheels, and acres of contrasting black go-faster accents, the BMW CS is actually not nearly as extreme in character and execution as its forerunner. After all, it features four proper seats instead of two solitary racing buckets; a commendably compliant chassis setup instead of a lowered, ultra-firm, track-focused suspension; and all the expected luxury equipment instead of a no-frills full-noise cabin.

Both models share the brand’s iconic top-of-the-line twin-turbo 3.0-liter straight-six rated at an identical 543 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. But thanks to its standard all-wheel drive, the M4 CS beats the no-longer-available rear-wheel-drive M4 CSL to 60 mph; BMW quotes a 3.2-second time versus 3.6 for the CSL, but considering the mechanically similar┬áM3 CS sedan┬ádid the deed in 2.7 seconds, we reckon BMW’s estimates are rather conservative. To carve out the CS’s extra performance, the M power brokers dialed up the maximum boost pressure to 30.5 psi, which duly increased output by 20 horsepower. In a parallel move, the engineers took out more than 70 pounds of weight. Means to this end include a lighter exhaust with a titanium silencer, redesigned low-carb wheels, a carbon-fiber hood, various slimline splitters and spoilers, four yawning grille-less nasal air intakes, and a decontented center console.

The M4 CS is fitted with thinly padded one-size-fits-some bucket seats as standard equipment. Their cushioning effect is negligible, but together with the three-point seatbelts they keep even extra-large frames firmly in place during hard braking or ten-tenths turn-in maneuvers. The steering wheel, unnecessarily squared off at the bottom, boasts a red straight-ahead marker but is almost too thickly rimmed for standard-size paws. The eight-speed transmission knows three operating modes: Auto, Sport, and Manual.

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