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Beginning of the roadworks speed camera in Queensland

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First roadworks speed camera in Queensland begins issuing fines following delays. The Queensland government has activated its first roadworks speed camera to fine motorists driving too fast through works sites. The camera has been installed near the westbound Bremer River Bridge on the Warrego Highway to enforce a 60kph limit while the bridge undergoes repair works. The government says the camera has been issuing fines since its activation on Monday – but has not released any figures about the number of infringements.

Similar cameras rolled out in school zones in August last year have resulted in thousands of drivers being issued fines.

The roadworks camera is part of a road safety initiative the government announced in 2021 to nab motorists who speed through roadworks sites.

ABC Radio Brisbane revealed last month that despite suggestions the roadworks cameras would go live from September 2022, not a single infringement had been given out.

The camera at the Bremer River Bridge is the first roadworks camera to issue fines under the program.

Transport Minister Bart Mellish urged drivers using the bridge to stick to the speed limit so workers could do their job safely.

“Too often we see drivers disobeying speed limits and endangering road workers as they undertake essential activities on roads near traffic,” Mr Mellish said.

“We’re activating the [Roadways Behaviour Monitoring System] speed camera at Bremer River Bridge to ensure our road workers have a safe workplace and make it home to their loved ones each day.

“Our solar-powered roadworks speed cameras sit within a mobile platform that can be easily manoeuvred around the work site to target drivers doing the wrong thing in high-risk locations.”

Industry support for camera

Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA) president John Cassel backed the rollout of the camera.

“Reduced roadworks speed limits are implemented for the safety of traffic management personnel, road workers and road users alike,” he said.

“TMAA support the use of speed enforcement, vehicle monitoring and other innovations designed to change driver behaviour at road work sites.”

The government says data captured during a trial of the camera at the Bremer River Bridge showed about 37 vehicles a day were detected speeding 15kph above the posted limit.

Two monitoring cameras have also been installed on the bridge to monitor heavy vehicles that use the structure.

As of May 26 this year, there had been 110 fatalities on Queensland roads, which was up from 102 at the same time last year.

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