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Aussie road traffic controllers earn $200,000 a year

(87 Views) May 28, 2024 11:36 am | 2 Comments

Road traffic controllers earning more than $200,000 a year in Australia have been defended for earning such a high salary despite it being an entry-level job. Thanks to a deal organised by the Victorian branch of the CFMEU, tradies on union-controlled sites who hold the stop signs can earn an incredible amount of money.

But branch secretary John Setka is sick of people saying these workers just stand around and do nothing all day. He said traffic controllers have a “dangerous” job and they aren’t like others on a construction site. I mean, their job is so dangerous. There has been a number of them killed. They risk of serious injury. They’re protecting the public. They’re protecting the construction workers. When it’s raining torrential rain, and there’s a concrete pour on they can’t just say, ‘Well, I’m gonna get up and I’m not standing there’. They’ve got to stay there right till the end.”

When asked whether he thinks it’s okay for tradies to earn more than $200,000 when other professions like nurses, teachers and paramedics earn comparatively much less, he agreed that they are all underpaid for what they do. The $206,000 salary for a road traffic controller on a CFMEU site in Victoria is based off a six-day, 56-hour work week.

They receive a base rate of $49 per hour and that doubles to $98 an hour for 16 hours of double time. They also get $315 for a travel allowance, $186 for a meal allowance on overtime, and $280 for a site allowance on mega projects. That works out to be $4,309 per week and $206,832 per year.


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